Why Melatonin Works Well For Anxiety

Why Melatonin Works Well For Anxiety

Melatonin might have always been mistyped as melanin or a typo or mistyped because of autocorrecting, but there is such a word and its function is way different than what melanin is. Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation that provides this unique distinction on various races color. While melatonin serves as the body’s way of knowing whether its time to go to bed or time to wake up. If you have low melatonin, it can only mean that you’re having trouble sleeping.

But contrary to what people think, melatonin doesn’t stay high all the time. There are times where it dips to low levels as well. You see melatonin levels increases at night prompting you that its sleep time and it slowly dips in the morning prompting you to wake up. Altering the natural order on how melatonin works will result in altered sleep-wake balance. But if you think that its just for sleep, you’re dead wrong. You see over the years, melatonin has also been used for anxiety.

can melatonin be used for anxiety

Melatonin for anxiety: If you think about anxiety, it’s a stressful emotion that triggers someone in a situation of fight or flight. Most people feel anxious when they are doing something for the first time like first time driving on a highway, first time working on a different environment, first time appearing at court and many many more first times. Melatonin works by depressing one to the point that your mood will change from anxious to relax. It’s not psychoactive or anything just like weed does, but its a downer it can make you sleep to effectively take away your anxiety. So if you’re wondering if “can melatonin be used for anxiety?” it does! And it does it pretty well too!

Melatonin dosage: There have been some questions circulating online and the question is “can I take 20mg of melatonin?”. Before you get the answer, you have to know the common dosage for it. The usual recommended dose is 1mg, 3mg, 50mg and in some cases, 10 mg. So if you’re question is, is 20mg okay? The answer would be, probably. You see there are people that will require higher doses of melatonin but in these cases, the experts should be the ones that will tell you that you need a higher dose and not just because you feel like it. If you think that lower doses don’t work for you then you need to consult an expert if its okay to get a higher dose or a different drug.

A lot of people are skeptics when you tell them that melatonin is actually a pretty good drug for anxiety. But not until they try it out that they will realize just what they were missing all along. Melatonin was designed as a downer and will put you to sleep especially if you are taking it in higher doses. If you plan to take one, be sure to visit the experts first if melatonin is really the right one for you and if you plan to increase the dose, do the same thing. After all, the point of taking one is to get cured and be relieved of anxiety and not get it worse.